The Enneagram for Beginners Video Course

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The enneagram for beginners video course is great for a group who is just learning about the enneagram. The course includes 3 separate videos to cover all the material of beautiful slides with voice over teaching. This can be used in a very small group, or large group. Having the video to walk you through the course information makes it very simple to include in any group setting. You can even use this course on your own!

Module 1: The Enneagram Introduction, Enneagram Stances, and Enneagram Triads

Module 2: An Overview of each Enneagram Type including the strength and stress moves

Module 3: Discovering wings, and transformative work, and conclusion

All 3 modules add up to about 45 minutes. (perfect for a class setting)

If you would like a printable workbook to go along with this course, please take a look at my "All About You" a self-discovery packet you can find it here :

along with many other enneagram printables

  • (3) mp4 video downloads

  • (3) mp4 video downloads
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The Enneagram for Beginners Video Course

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